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Brainstorm.......(camber adjustable axle pivot brackets)


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OKay a while ago I read a post on the boards reagarding a magaizine add that advertised eccentric camber adjustable axle pivot brackets for TTB equipped trucks. Now as you know most 4x4 ttb lift kits use axle pivot drop brackets to keep camber in check.

My idea is to see if these adjustable drop brackets would work well with bent beams, allowing you to run a 3" cut and turned I beam with these drop brackets and say a 5.5"-6 lift coil and still be able to dial in the camber......

Should work fine as long as your radius arms can keep the caster in check...a 4" lift radius arm won't work well with a 6" lift due to not enough caster, but there are 6" radius arms out there, and you're talking about custom beams, so whoever is making them could make the radius arms (or just drop brackets) custom too.

Byrd is right on the money. The brackets you are referring to are from Tough Country suspensions.

I have the Skyjacker radius arms, I believe they work with both their 4 and 6" lift. The Skyjacker axle drop brackets have two holes from what I understand, the 4" and the 6" hole. Currently I am using Duff 3" drop brackets with a 3" spring and a F-150 spring seat.
I will be ditching the spring seat and running a 6-8" lift coil, re-locating the coil bucket and shock mount up, running a 2" bent beam, while keeping the current 5" of lift.

I am thinking these drop brackets may help me, as long as they are as tough as the Duff ones I have now.......