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BrianDye's '95 Sport Registry!

Traded my old 95 (4 Door) for a mint 2001 Taurus SES, loved the car, drove great, great on gas, but it made me realize, im an SUV dude, not a car dude. (Unless its a muscle car or something classic :p) I replied to a CL ad, about this 95 Explorer Sport, and the guy called me and told me about it. (There were no pics, nor information besides mileage, and that it needed nothing and ran great) I asked him if he wouldnt mind to email me some pictures of it before I come all that way up there (70mi) and he said he just put some on the ad, so I checked it out, and it looked like my 95's twin before I painted the stuff. One member on here pointed out that the last picture showed the top corners of the REAR doors, so I knew it was the wrong pictures. (I thought it was just the one, but they were all wrong)

So tonight I got there, (he brought it to his house because the dealer was already closed) and brought all the paperwork to transfer plates, and the title and whatnot, but I got there, and this thing was nothing what I expected, it was in MINT condition, chrome wheels shining like theyre brand new, paint looks no older than a year, and everything worked great, drove great, quiet exhaust, 4x4 works, all that good stuff, and only 138k miles. So we traded (signed all the papers, etc)

I cant get over how nice it is, theres nicer ones out there, but damn it wasnt what I was expecting haha.

Its got the stock JBL system, so its gonna be a PITA to put my system in!









I have NEVER in my life though seen such a DUSTY engine compartment


And I have never (even on newer cars) seen a functioning hood light!

AND a power antenna!!! (Dusty as hell on that side lol)




Current Mods: (No order)

1. 3" off road lights behind the grille
2. 7 color changing LED bulbs in the reflectors on the door
3. 12" white LED strips (x4) to replace dome lighting
4. 36 LED reverse bulbs
5. 194 SMD LEDs in the gauge cluster, and temp. controls
6. Tinted taillights (Not the white part)
7. Removed roof rack (the bars, not the actual track yet)
8. Duralast Gold battery
9. Kinetik high power cell behind the backseats
10. Analog Voltimeter gauge in the center console
11. 194 SMD LEDs in the license plate lights
12. Scoche single din dash kit
13. Platimum Battery terminals
14. Removed CD changer
15. Became Elite!!!
16. Installed PAC Amp gain controller (Remote bass knob, uses RCA's) in the dash kit slot
17. Removed all dome light bulbs, still trying to figure something out for them...
18. Ran my own speaker wire until my wiring harness comes in the mail
19. Sanded & painted front wiper arms
20. Put SoundBox in the center console, mounted PS speaker behind grill (See page 4 video)
21. Added a Scosche In-line Noise Supressor (#ES034) Which eliminates bumps, and whining (interference) from speakers/subs etc
22. Ordered my Black Projector headlights! Hopefully ill have them by this week!

Future Mods:

1. 18/20 or 22" Rims
2. Lower 2"
3. Aftermarket CAI
4. Black 1 piece projectors w/ halos
5. 10,000k HIDs in the projectors
6. 10,000k HIDs in the fogs
7. Shave roof rack
8. Limo tint
9. Rear hatch update (98' Style hatch/tails)
10. Black altezza tails
11. LED taillights, and ALL blinkers/running lights
12. 16" flipdown monitor, or 2 10" flipdowns
13. Rust restoration
14. Heated mirrors w/ puddle lights (LED of course:D)
15. Paint the wiper valance
16. Newer style front bumper with cirlce fogs
17. Rollpan in back
18. Color changing underbody LED kit
19. HID Reverse lights!

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Interesting, i would have never thought it would look blue like that. Ive read the threads on wiring LEDs up, just looks like it will take some patience to do it. Half of my cruise control and my 4x4 switch are burned out, and part of my speedometer.Its been like that since i got it with 50k on it. Where did you get your LED bulbs?

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I know, same here, I figured it would be just an intense brighter green like it was, but I got them on eBay, 12 for 22$ shipped, they came in sets of 2, and those are only like 3.50$ or something, and I think shipping was a couple bucks, so I bought 6 sets lol

Brian the gauges look awesome, I need to get me some LED replacement bulbs!

Thanks man!

Whats your directive on your sport? Are you going to transform it into a Sport Truck or Trail capable truck?

You know I honestly don't know and that's weird you say that cus I was just thinking about that.

I see all these big lifted explorers capable of some serious trails which I would love to be able todo, but then I see the lowered expo's with rollpans and a nice set of 20's fillin the wheelwells and I love that too...

Honestly it's leanin more towards sport lol

Going the sport route is probably a little cheaper in the sense that there's less risk of breaking components and lowering can be cheaper but getting them big flashy wheels and low profile tires add up real quick and then with whatever else you decide to do like a body kit and/or fiber glassing. I'm not too into that sort of thing but there are definitely some damn nice sport trucks on this forum.

Honestly it's leanin more towards sport lol

Don't you still have an old 1st gen? If i were you and i was stuck between deciding on a street or a offroad truck i would do this: make the sport into a street truck, and make the 1st gen into a trail rig. Nothing to crazy, maybe just some 31's so you can take it on some mild trails, and if you need to take the sport off the road for a while to do some work, you can still get the 1st gen on the road safely.(This is assuming you still have the 1st gen)

Yea that's another reason is the high risk of breaking parts on the trail, I only have the 95 as my DD nothing else so I would be SOL if anything happened.

I do have the 92 but it needs a rear brake line and I'm just trying to sell it now, I'd love to keep it and make it an offroader but I just don't have the budget todo that AND have them both insured and plated

I hear you with trying to keep 2 insured and running. I don't have the extra money either, being that i am still in college.

You don't always break things on the trail :p:. But yea insuring two vehicles isn't always cheap I pay $196 a month for both my ex's! 96 with full coverage and 00 with liability. You could always hold on to the Eddie til things pickup and makes it more affordable to have both on the road.

Yea but then the grand I could put away in a bank account would be better lol, I fully plan on doing up a trail rig in a few years when I have a fulltime job and whatnot but right now it's just not in the picture, I have 2 speeding tickets on my record in the last year and insurance really likes money let's put it that way lol

Yeah..I hear ya, good luck selling the Eddie then.

Thanks man lol I've had it up for 3 months now with no luck :(
Yea I'm deff not gonna be able to make a trail rig but it's either gonna get a bodylift and a couple size bigger tires or a drop and a couple size bigger rims haha.

Finally got around to wiring up my aux. lights, they look so much better than I had though they would, gives the front end a mean stance :p: I also replaced the license plate bulbs with the 2 remaining SMD LEDs I had, some minor drilling to get them to fit lenthwise, and wellah! I didnt feel like waiting for my cam. to charge, so I got pics on my iPhone, sorry about the quality

License plate: (LED on left, reg bulb on the right)


****ty pic of them both in:


Aux lights:


(I also took that damn ugly bug deflector thing off LOL)

Low beams/fogs/NO aux lights

Low beams/fogs/aux lights

High beams/no fogs/no aux

High beams/no fogs/aux

I dare someone to have theyre brights on now ;) haha


Prettttttttttttttttty :)

Almost messed my pants

I got home tonight, and sick of not having subs again (Aftermarket HU, no RCAs ran yet), I fired up my 92 which is parked out back, covered in 7" of snow, hasnt been started in about 2 1/2 weeks, I had jumpers ready and everything, but it surprisingly started right up! And the damn thing had burning hot heat within 5 minutes, I wish I could swap heaters to my 95 LOL.

Anyways, after I got my RCA's out and a couple other misc. wires I had forgotten, I decided why not take it around the block a couple times, get everything movin again from sittin. So I did.

My neighborhoods shaped like a big U with 2 crossroads in the middle, the bottom of the U is the beach, and im coming around that turn, and theres a damn undercover black cop car parked, no lights on, nothing, and I just about had a bowl movement.

(I had no license plate, bright ass 10,000k HIDs right into his car, no seatbelt on) So I slowed down a bit, thank god I didnt fishtail around it like I normally do! (I was only doing 18, slowed down to like 14), kept going, inconspicuously put my belt on, and kept going, took the first halfroad looking back to see if he was coming, but ne never did thank god! I dont know if he just didnt care maybe cus it was in a neighborhood, or maybe he was stuck lol.

Mind you this is also the cop that gave me my last speeding ticket, AT my house, whom also SAW both of my explorers in my lame ass excuse to get out of the ticket lol (Even longer story) (Ticket was in my 4dr. 95)

looks good brian

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Spent a good hour tonight doing a few more little things, I put the 4th LED strip in, just in front of the rear dome light, which is kind of on an angle facing the rear seats, which works perfectly, and looks great too, even brighter haha. I also hotwired in my radar detector, and GPS, mounted the radar detector, and tomorrow I gotta take the dash pad for my GPS off of my 92's dash, its like a flat piece of plastic with a sticky side on the bottom to put on the dash, so I can use the suction cup mount on the dash, I have them both mounted next to eachother it looks good.

Once again, sorry for the ****tier pics, it was with my cellphone, not even my iPhone this time LOL



Couple older pics I found:

Weighing my 92 a couple months back lol

(Can you believe all 3 of these pics is from the same phone that took the pictures of my GPS/RD?)

My old Kenwood when I had it in: