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Broken Side Rail Piece


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July 29, 2014
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2014 Explorer Limited 4wd
While installing my OEM roof racks I stupidly pulled up on this thinking it was how I got the back piece off the side rails. Needless to say it broke and is now sticking up for everyone to see. Does anyone know what I need to do to fix this? That plastic piece attaches to the foot of the side rail and goes into a pocket on the rubber piece. I tried gluing it down with no luck. :(



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Looks like the whole side rail is sold in one piece :( :( :(

Part Number: <55114

There has to be another way!

I know at the TDM facility that does the Interceptors. When they put the plastic strip in the same gutter they use a two part epoxy to hold it down. They leave it overnight with masking tape holding it in place.


That plastic piece fits into that rubber piece like a sleeve. The plastic broke off from some more plastic below the rubber that was keeping the whole thing straight. If you look under the rubber piece there is only one small spot to apply epoxy. I tried it earlier but after 30 minutes it didn't show any signs of working so I gave up. Do you think leaving it on overnight would be best or should I try taking the whole thing off and repairing the actual plastic with a plastic weld?

I fixed it. I ended up taking the side rail off and plastic welding the piece back together. Used a cable tie to add more plastic for strength.


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Nice work....I didnt realize you had access to a plastic welder