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Building a center console. Tips and Ideas Welcome

Alright guys Ive decided that since this has been built for under 15 bucks with stuff I had lying around, Im going to call it a prototype as Im not entirely happy with the front of it. I will finish this and plan the one I want for my final version in the process.

And somehow I have to figure out how to put the armwrest on drawer sliders.

How are you going to implement drawer sliders? And, for <$15 that looks damn good. Looks good anyways. Have you considered doing some glassing?

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Well as I wasnt entirely happy with it, I started a new one last night. I was out of plywood so I picked up a 4x4 chipboard at a menards for 7 bucks.

For the the drawer slides I plan on putting them on the top of the compartment area so the armwrest slide forwards and backwards, in a sense its adjustable.

Now my question for you, what do you mean by glassing, fiber glass?

On a side note I should also mention, I did not include rear cup holders and air ducting.

Well chip board absolutely sucks for this.
Wasnt happy at all with it, so I ran out got a 4x4 sheet of mdf board to try, cant recommend it either but it can be used to make a fast template.


What Im going to do tomorrow after work is swing by Menards(thankfully its right across the street from my job) is pickup of a 1/2" 4x4 sheet of actual plywood, ruff cut them and clamp them 1 at a temp to the template and flush cut them with a router bit.

Well arm wrest is about 75% done, just some more stitch work, a little fabric batting around the arm wrest padding to stretch and fill the fabric and mount the rails.


New center console design and majority of the upholestry done. Although Im going to take apart that armrest as its to wide and a little to long. Now I have to wait for my cupholders to come it so I cut and mount them and finish the back panel and compartment.




More and better pictures later.

This is sweet.
Question, did you have ac running to the back? If so, what's it gonna be doing now? I'd love to do this, but I haven't spent any time looking at the ac set up.

I do, and I just mad little cutout to let the air flow out. Ill do pictures this weekend, I still have to finish the main compartment and the switch panel, and make a slightly smaller more proportioned arm wrest.

AC port.

Compartment cutout. I need to fold the edges back, create a nice hemmed edge to go all the way around and finish the compartment walls.

Stapling the bottom, I made a mistake by not leaving the fabric long enough, so in an attempt to add durability to the stapled area Im going to run rubber cement over the stapled area to keep the fabric threading tight in that area.

I see. Sweet!

I'm looking forward to the final product. Btw, yes, I meant fiberglass. Any plans to do any?

Oh yeah! Any updates??

This is definitely cool and different

This has got put on hold for a little bit, Ive gotten busy with some other stuff, but its not forgotten.