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Camber bolts and lift

MAS Tequila

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October 6, 2013
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Yesterday I put the Moog camber bolts plus a one piece passenger side upper control arm in.

Then I crawled under the truck and changed the torsion keys.

I'll say that the torsion keys really lift the front end without making the ride harsh. It seems to be a bit more plush feeling.

Today the new leaf springs are going in.

I bought them from ATS. The original springs are rated at 1250 lbs per side. I bought the 1750 lbs per side units. Then put in a long Add A Leaf.

We'll see what I end up with in the back.

The front went up 3" by putting the adjuster bolts in to the same depth as they were with the original keys.

If it doesn't settle once the leaves go in I'm going to have to take some lift out. I don't want to bind the front axle joints.

I'll take some after pics when it's finished.

The next project is the BW 4406. I have all the parts squirreled away except the required conversion u-joint. I was able to get the lower shift linkage parts new from Ford. I'll probably open the t-case and rebuild it before installation. I don't want to risk a problem with it.

I'm cautiously optimistic that I can fit 33 x 10.5's without too much trouble.


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did you have the t-bars cranked before you put in the keys? I have some keys and am thinking about putting them in when i change the upper control arms and lower ball joints, but I don't really want the truck any higher. I would however like a less harsh ride. I have t-bar on driver side cranked all the way and passenger side about 3/8 from max, and the truck sits level right now.

How does re-clocking the keys improve the ride quality over tightening the bolts the same lift distance?

Torsion lift keys?

Post #21

Torsion keys are a gimmick. Whether you use a key, or crank the bolts in, all you're doing
is preloading the spring for more lift. Torsion bars cannot add lift without adding preload.

This is going to turn into an oil thread.

But so be it.

As you know the torsion bar lifts by being twisted.

Just turning the bolts twists the bar more to lift the vehicle, changing the spring rate to a harsher point.

The torsion key changes the starting point, lifting the vehicle higher with less twist.

In my case, I had to lessen the number of turns on the adjustment bolts, putting less twist on the bars, which actually lessened the harshness, while providing more lift.

I ended up with over 3" of lift by installing the keys with the bolts turned out the same number of turns as I began with. This was way too much for the front axle angles. Right now I'm at 1 1/2" of lift with fewer turns.

I got a full 3" of lift in the back with the new leaf springs plus the Add a Leaf.

The Warrior shackles are still in the box.

The truck actually rides smoother than before. Most of that wallowing feel is now gone. The body roll is almost non existent.

I'm really looking forward to how it feels with the Explorer Express rear swaybar.

In my opinion, this is the way Ford should've built this vehicle.

I'll get some pictures later today.