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Changed my PTU Fluid


September 17, 2016
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Quakertown, PA
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17 Ex XLT w/202 + BLIS
After reading about the PTU on the forum I figured i'd change the fluid on our 2017 Explorer. We have about 14.5K miles on it. I used a hand pump fluid extractor to extract the fluid out of the drain hole and filled it back up until I saw fluid dripping out. I was only able to extract about 9 oz, I've read others were able to extract 14-16 oz. I will repeat the exercise in a few thousand miles. I used Mobil1 synthetic 75w140.

Once I saw the fluid myself, I was glad to get out what I could. It had a noxious smell, like rotten eggs. The drain plug also had some metal shavings behind it.

Thanks to the community for the heads up!

That's normal for a GL-5 lubricant, it's very high in sulfur.

That explains why the smell never went away as I was pumping in the fresh fluid. I wasn't aware of the high sulfur content, appreciate the update.