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Coil spacer, shackle, body lift questions

May 19, 2002
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Gig Harbor, WA
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91' EB Explorer 4dr
I have a 1991 EB Explorer, 4 door and i have some questions about the coil spacers and Warrior shackles. I am basically truck illiterate and am having my friend type and gather info for me. Anyone have pics of coil spacers and shackles? Where can i get them and for how much? My friend should be able to install them, he has a BADASS Nissan Pathfinder rollin on 33" TSL's that he has built by himself. Also, how big of tires could i fit with a 3" body lift? How big of tires with 3" body lift and coils spacers and shackles? Sorry for the long post but i need to know. Thanks

You should be able to get coil spacers through Ford and go to for the warrior shackles you should be able to get both for around 100:D