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Cruise control doesn't work!


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August 23, 2009
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Boise, ID
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1999 XLS
I have a '99 Explorer XLS, and my cruise control is inoperative. I have:

replaced the rear wheel speed sensor (ABS code)
had the harness recall performed
replaced the cruise deactivation switch
visually checked the servo and brake switch-- no obvious problems

Some other hints are:

no other codes
horn works and buttons light up
the cruise control light on the dashboard does not light

My best guess is the switches on the steering wheel are bad, but that's just a guess, and I don't like throwing money and things that aren't broken. I've done a search, and didn't see anything.


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Even though the horn works?

The best way to find your problem is with a meter. Go to the control module. see what you read pin 6 (DG/O wire) when you hit the "on" switch (when the plug is disconnected from your control module (ie. so that you can connect your meter). IF you get voltage (of course, your car should be running / in "run") then reconnect the cable and repeat your test, (pressing "on") check for a ground on pin 1 (O/LB wire)... which should turn on your light assuming that you are travelling down the road and trying to activate your cruise (ie. set).... yes this is a tough test to do (need extra hands) but that will tell you the "rest of the story". In your case, you are probably not getting the voltage at the start so the second test is not worthwhile.

It ended up being the clutch switch. It was misaligned. All better now.