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Custom Stealth Box


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April 14, 2005
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'95 Sport
Well, as I'm getting closer and closer to having the funds for my system, I'm looking more into the construction of said stealth box. As such I've got some questions.

1) Is it as easy to put a 12 inch sub in there as a 10 inch one? The BA G2 series comes in both versions, and for another 20 bucks I see on reason to not go up to 12 inches.

2) How Big is the factory amp? I was planning on bypassing it, and replacing the amp with the one for my sub. However, most amps I've seen are rather large, and I'd need either 1 cu.ft. or 0.5 cu.ft. for the 12 and 10 inch subs respectively for my box. A little worried I might run out of room.

3) Will surrounding the box with Dynamat help any? Or would that hurt it?

4) How do you attack the stealth box? If its just sitting there it would vibrate a lot causing bad rattling. I figured mounting it to the interior panel would be the best idea, so I didn't have screw or whatever in my body.

5) Is there such thing as HDF? Higher density than MDF? If so. is it better to use than MDF for making a box?

Any insight would be appreciated.


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November 6, 2000
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I've posted this a number of times, but here ya go:
Go to Projects & Pictures, then to student projects, and scroll down to the 94 Ford explorer where they build a custom box for the enclosure.

For your questions:

1) I'm pretty sure the 10 is mathematically the bset mover of air per square inch of cone, but I could be mistaken. Anyway, I've seen a twelve back there, but most do a 10. Depends on the brand. Some brands' 10s are far superior to other brands' 12s.

2) No idea. Never had one. Got a JL500/1 for my sub. Highly recommended. Everyone will tell you though that if you're putting in a special box/sub, just go ahead and get another sub amp.

3) First, put Dynamat all over every piece of metal for the entire area, and entire cargo area if you can. I wouldn't worry about the box you make as much. Thin sheets of metal vibrate (audibly) to noise more than 3/4 MDF does.

4) Mine has one little bracket attaching it to the Explorer. I's 50 lbs, and trapped in a small space. MOvement is not really an option.

5) Here's some insight into MDF/HDF/other materials you can use.

Best of luck,



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May 31, 2005
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'92 XLT
There are other woods out there you can use but are more pricey for what you are useing it for. You can use wood like birch or oak but why spend that kind of money for something you aren't going to see. The best for the money is MDF. ( NEVER use plywood for it is to flexible and poruos )

As far as what size sub: that depends on what you like. A 10in is the best for reproduceing sound qaulity, if you want more bass go with bigger. The more air you move the better.

The factory amp is like 50-80 watts max. You will want to go with aftermarket for the sub. There are alot of amps out there that aren't that big that might give you what you are looking for and for the space where you want to put it. If all else falls put the amp ander a seat.