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Custom sub box?

Ive got 2 mbquart 12's that im trying to come up with a box for. currently i have them in two seperate sealed boxes against my back seat. it sounds good but im tyred of not being able to use that room and fold the seats down for long cargo. So my master plan is to build a fiberglass back wall replacement for both of the rear inner walls. the way i figure it the furthest point out of it will be about 1 to 2 inches past the wheelwell into the center or the back. I plan to have the subs pointying at an angle twards the center of the door. On paper and with a mock up it works so you may want to look into something like that if you like fiberglass. My problem is going to be covering it in vinal because ive only done that once. even with the subs there ill have room to put an amp on each side but my smaller one will be on the driver side so i can still have room to get to the jack. Hope this gave you some ideas, Major

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Originally posted by Heath
Is there a Q forum out there???

Here is my Q-logic form, 10" RF HE2, powered by RF Punch 500.1:



Mine holds two 12's and did not take up that much space. Click on the link below to see:

I've always liked your sub box RScotts. However, I'm looking to build something about half the size of that and have everything completely hidden except for the 4 ports on top of it.

This may sound like a dumb question, but what is the dynamat stuff used for? What is the purpose of putting it in?

Dynamat is a form of sound deadening. Its a asphalt based material that is used in mass loading. In other words it tries to stiffen the panel you put it on so it doesnt flex as much. That is how i understand it at least. Dynamat is the expensive version but there are similar products out such as raammat, high temp mastic, etc. ive used soe of the asphalt based stuff in my explorer and didnt notice much difference but it may be where i applied it. sound proofing or really minimizing is a whole new ballpark there are many different ways to do it and most of them use a combination of things to be effective. hope this hepled, Major

If I turn my stereo up loud and the windows are closed, if I get out I can hear it clear as day thru the doors. It doesnt really bother me that much as I dont usually turn it up really loud. All I want out of my system is for it to sound good for everyday listening. I'm happy with the way it sounds now but I am not happy with the amount of room the sub box takes up... thats the reason for building a custom box.

Thanks!! When I get off my lazy butt (actually, stop playing with the Harley long I intend to mount all of the electronics under the rear seat and go towards a more conventional removal sub box. New baby boy = more stuff to haul around! As a matter of personal choice my primary reason for putting in the dynamat was to quiet the cabin of the X and secondly to reduce the resonance produced inside those metal doors. Really made a big difference in the overall sound quality!! Alot of other similar products are out there and they pretty much do the same thing, just some are more expensive than others.

Put a sub in your harley. It's been done, I was going to do it to a different motorcycle until I found out it's been done.