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Custom Suspension Leaf Springs

So those prices are about the same then. The prices for the carrier springs was per pair. I'll probably end up just getting the whole superlift 4" lift in a few years. :) When I can afford it anyway.

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Does anyone know is these leaf springs are even close to being as good as Deavers. Im shopping for new leaf springs and I need some long travel 1" lift springs.

Leaf Springs

I use 'Tough Dogs' they are Australian made and cost a fortune. They are certainly worth it and have proven to have been a good choice. I got them here.


I just installed a set of Custom Suspension AAL's. They were full length leafs that fit right under the main spring. Installation was easy and the kit came with new center bolts and spring clips. I gained a full two inches of height in the rear and did not lose any after a day of hunting. Only bad thing is that they came packed wraped up in clear tape. I spent about 30min on each spring trying to clean that crap off! I would recommend thier products based on my experience.

Hartman said:
That is a ton of money for springs.
Not when you consider the OME springs. Those run about 280 EACH! I've also heard that they begin to sag a bit. Looks like the Carriers springs are pretty nice for the price.

I went to a local spring shop in central maine and they got new leaf packs that arched them and then added another leaf to each of the packs. I will post when I put them in in the next two weeks. The best part was the price. 289 out the door with tax. It would have cost a forturne to ship to I was rather happy to pick them up. my 2cents

Wow, can't believe I didn't see this thread before. I bought a set of 2" lift springs from this company earlier this year and have been very happy with them. They actually flex better than I thought they would. I can get the top of my tire (32X11.5R15) almost even with the bottom of the rocker panel. Although that is stretching the brake line to its limit. And no, I don't have my sway bar attached. All in all, they are worth it. No, the ride and flex probably isn't as good as a set of Deavers or OME since they usually have more leafs built into the pack (the Carrier Springs have 4 leafs) but I would definately buy these again for their price. Keep in mind that I am also running Rancho 9000 adjustable shocks, also. This is what my 32's look like on the X right now.


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Here's a comparison shot between the factory and Carrier packs.


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stretch said:
Here's a comparison shot between the factory and Carrier packs.
Are those the 2" or 3"? And how much did they cost total, (springs, shipping, u-bolts, etc.)? And was that in US or Canadian dollars?

TheFox88 said:
Are those the 2" or 3"? And how much did they cost total, (springs, shipping, u-bolts, etc.)? And was that in US or Canadian dollars?

Those are the 2" springs, they cost me $285.76 (US) and came with u-bolts. Shipping was a whopping $1.83 (US) :confused: For a total of $287.59 (US).

Carrier springs

I just ordered a set for my 2001 Sport. Talked to Tyler and was very happy with the customer service. Should have them in 6 business days. They will raise the rear 1 1/2 inches and will clear up my sagging problem. I already have Monroe Reflex shocks installed so I'll let you know how it rides after the install. Price was around $350 incl. shipping from British Columbia. My local Ford dealer wanted $177/each for OEM replacements and the Carrier's are much better built.

When I had my '79 F-250 I was looking into doing a 20" lift from them. They wanted $1700 for everything including shipping(front/rear springs, u-bolts, spring plates, all steering pieces, rear shackle flip, shock mounts, etc etc). They had great customer service. Just make sure to call them. E-mail takes forever.