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dash kits


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October 18, 2001
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1996 xlt
a while ago i posted that i might try to do a dash kit with carbon fiber vinyl. well i did the outside of the car like i said, (all the smooth black around the windows and tailgate is now carbon fiber) but i don't think the dash will be feasible. my options now are to paint the dash (i have mad airbrush skills) or to get some kind of a kit. who has a good carbon fiber or wood grain kit, how much did it cost etc.? i would rather get a kit because i'm worried about resale of a car with a custom painted dash, nearly everything else in my car can be returned to stock if need be.

Expo, I got my form fitted real burl wood kit from www.exoticwooddash.com They also have the carbon fiber. What color is your interior? If its grey then I think the carbon fiber kit would look sharp. If you decide to airbrush the trim, just go find a wreaked one somewhere and just test it out and see it you like it. I seen a couple of people that did this and turned out great too.

my interior is the weird green, grey color. I like their molded kits, but they don't make one for my 96. their flat kits seem overpriced for a flat kit. still looking for a cheaper flat kit, or a place that makes a molded one for my truck. also i really only want the pieces for the center console, the instrument surround, and the area around the head unit and heater controls