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Disconnecting A/C Compressor


January 12, 2006
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St Paul, MN
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'00 EB
I am pretty sure the A/C compressor took a dive yesterday. I had pulled into a parking lot and let the explorer idle with the A/C on. After about ten minutes I noticed and aweful burning smell and some smoke coming out from under the drivers side hood. I quick looked at the guages and saw nothing funny. Temp and voltage both OK. I popped the hood and saw a tuft of smoke rising from the just under the power steering fluid reservoir. After looking a bit more I realized it was coming from the front of the AC compressor.

I turned off the A/C and drove home through traffic with no problems. It will be a week or so before I can have someone troublesshoot the compressor/clutch. Is there anything I can do to make sure the compressor doesn't kick in and burst in to flames or should I just leave the climate control and vents off all together?

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leave your a/c off


ExplorerDMB said:
leave your a/c off

And don't use your "Defroster" that will also activate the compressor.

You could also pull the electrical plug off the compressor just to make sure it doesn't kick in.

I'll go ahead and disconnect it just to be sure. The only time I was worried it might kick on is during rainy days when the vents will have to be running.

Not sure if it will throw any codes or not? Also hope for fair weather. Thanks.

I have my compressor disconnected and no codes so far.. Sounds like the coil is toast - white smoke and bad smell usually means it has shorted and the varnish on the magnet wire has burned off. Try measuring the resistance of the coil to see if it is still good. Or manually engage the clutch by applying 12 volts to the terminals of the coil. The terminal closest to the battery is the positive.

a/c clutch

my question is if the clutch coil is fried and shorted isn t that suppossed to be fused????

or could it possibly the compressor locked up????