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Does PATS disable the voltage to the fuel pump?

I’d just have it removed via a tune. There’s not a ton involved with this system, so if you’ve replaced all the components you almost surely have a wiring issue.

Hi this is my first post on this forum. 2000 V6 4.0 sohc.

I have combed through about 50 posts on a no-start issue I'm having.


The car began to have inetrmittent problems starting. Sometimes it would fire up. Other times I couldn't start it for hours.

Checked all the stuff suggeted by members here:

Only 6volts to the fuel pump inertia switch when ignition switched on. Should get an inital spike of 12v for 2-3 seconds but it doesn't. Never gets the full 12 to operate the pump even during cranking.

Tested fuel pump relay and it behaves like it should. Even swapped other relays in and out with no effect.

Removed fuel pump relay and sent 12 volts through relay contact directly to the inertia switch and the fuel pump ran so all wiring from relay to pump is good.

So then I read about the PATS system and how it can disable the car. When I turn the key to on but not start, the anti-theft light continues to flash and never stops. Check engine light remains illuminated so PCM is probably functional. When I try to start, anti-theft continues to blink.

So my question is: Does a malfunctioning PATS system somehow disable or lower the voltage between the fuel pump relay and the inertia switch?

Some say the car will never even crank over if the PATS is malfunctioning. Any help would be appreciated.


If the theft light is flashing when the ignition is On, PATS has disabled the engine. There are little wires that come from the from the thing that reads the key that get jacked up. I think it's a little four wire connector that the wires get pulled out of. Look along the steering column for it. Should be all by itself. And probably has a wire hanging out of it.

^ Almost 3 year old topic, I'm sure something's been sorted out by now.