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double din? or 1 1/2?


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January 6, 2005
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'99 XLT AWD 5.0
Ok, I've warmed up to replacing my HU and I am pretty sure its a double din but I'm hoping someone will confirm that. Heres my plan and my questions. If the stock HU is double din, than in theory two single din sized units should fit with little to no modification to the dash.(except for making a mounting plate for both units to sit in so it will match up to the stock mounting holes. I plan to mount a din-sized aftermarket HU on top and a din-sized (or smaller) CB radio under it. both will go in stock radio location with the stock dash trim. My question is since I haven't done much with CB's, is there any reason this won't work? I have an idea for a custom roof mount antenna for the CB that will fold down when not in use. I just want to make sure it will be ok to mount a CB that close to the HU.

I believe it's a touch more than DIN and 1/2. My old HU and 1/2 din EQ filled up the space. I think It's actually close to chryslers CG size. But I have seen folks do the double DIN in the factory location - just some dremeling and fab work associated I believe?

Cool! I was hoping that would be the case. I'm just waiting for the tech guys at Rockford Fosgate to email me back about using an ipod with their HU's and I'll start shopping for a cb. :)

Im pretty positive that ive seen people that mounted double din head units in their explorers. The thing is like you said to make the bracklet to hold it in there and you will have to trim some of the little flange around the hole where the head unit slides in. Thats all i remember them doing.