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double din


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March 15, 2004
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my ram I just bought has a double din pioneer head unit in it. the only problem is it is like a model year 97 so it wont play cds I have made on my computer. My question is should I opt for another double din sized unit or just get a dash kit and get a regular after market head unit. What are the pros and cons of a double din head unit and where can I find a good one. thanks for your help !


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What kind of CDs are you using on your computer? If you use CD-R not CD-RW they should play in it. CD-Rs will play in almost any CD player no matter how old unless they specifically make it so that it doesn't.

Also try lowering your burn speeds. Like to around 4x.

are you burning them as MP3's or as an audio CD... my pioneer does both but an older one may not... the major difference here is one wayI can fit about 125+ songs, the other way about 15-25 songs...

yea our cd player at home is like the first one ever made and it plays CDR's

I will have to check into how my computer is copying the songs I know nothing about computers I just put the cd in and right click burn to cd .

Windows Media Player makes CD's like normal CD's. It won't make MP3 CD's, because MP3 is a format in competition with WMA files that Microsoft developed.

I just found a 20GB Phatbox, which plugs into the same changer cable in my console. It will play MP3's or WMA files. Good luck,

If you have Windows Xp you can use the burning software that is in with XP. I have used it numerous times and have had no problem just drag your MP3'S that you want to burn into the cdrw or dvd burner folder and click burn..
I do that with my laptop which has a DVD Burner in it..
very easy and good luck