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Driver Seat Problems


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March 28, 2007
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Glennallen, Alaska
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1994 4x4 4 door limited
I have a 2001 Explore Sport Trac and the driver seat is falling apart. The motors still work for the power ajustments, but the frame of the bottom part of the seat is falling apart. The welds on the crossmembers all broke and the springs are allmost all off. Curently I have a bunch of foam from walmart stuffed under the seat so I can still drive the truck. Any one have this problem? Can it be fixed? Or do I need to get a new seat? If so, Where can I get a seat for cheap? Thanks for the help.

I saw that happen quite a few years ago when I was overweight(to a different truck)

Try a wrecker, if you wanted to you could fix it up, just make it more sturdier for yourself.