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Engine Block Heater.

Joe in NY

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June 5, 2014
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Binghamton, NY
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2002 Eddie Bauer V8 4X4

So we have already had several 30* mornings and my Explorer dearly misses Florida. It does not like the NY cold so far. The beeper sounds very weird, the HVAC takes a couple of seconds to bring the fan up to high and move the vent to defrost and floor, and the starter runs easy 2 extra seconds...

So, I did some searching on the web and have found the intended engine block which goes in place of one of the freeze plugs. The other is a small heater tank which uses coolant plugs as ports to the engine.

Which would you guys do?

The tank heater:


Or the freeze plug block heater:


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block heater is easier and i for one can vouch for them working very well in down to -45 , i see that every winter,

any way of ordering the Ford block heater? All I can find is the KAT brand which doesn't have good reviews. I wish I had a block heater already. But being that this car came from florida, I doubt it.

go to your local dealer,, they will have the proper one,, and the install is easy,, push a block plug in sideways , pull out with pliers, put in the block heater , tighten the screw, plug in the cord, and enjoy,,

Called ford. $48 for the heater. But on cord! Ford doesn't make the cord any more???

Can anyone show a picture of where you would install a block plug heater? I am in need to adding one now that we are in North Dakota. Going to be calling the dealer soon to see if they have any in stock.