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Engine knock

January 23, 2000
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Okay I need some help. I have a 97 explorer 4.0L v6 SOHC that has an engine knock when it idels. I have had my truck since decemeber of 96 and this knock has been here since the beginning. I have taken it back to the dealer too many times to count and they said that it was the throttle body which they replaced numerous times. Dead Link Removed Finally after about 2 years they decided to replace the engine with a remanufactured one. Well since they put the new engine on about 5,000 miles ago i still hear the knock during idel. No one seems to know where it is coming from. anyone have any ideas where i should look for the problem at? also my truck seems to be getting really bad gas mileage are these 2 things related? any help would be apprieciated.

97 explorer 4x4
50,000 mi
K&N intake
not too expreinced when it comes to cars Dead Link Removedjust needs some help! Dead Link Removed

I also have a 97 Explorer 4.0L v6 SOHC, which I absolutely loved for the first six months of ownership. Since then I have been plagued with similar engine knock, throttle body replacements, bad timing chain tensioners, and engine surging. I take it to my local dealer who gives me the "computer finds nothing wrong", response. I think after reading numerous similar threads that this model is a lemon. My family has SEVEN explorers, but the Ford customer service won't do any thing until a technical bulletin comes out. I don't think I will wait that long. I have waited patiently for years for a lift like that Trailmaster to come out, it's too bad that I will be driving a Jeep or a Toyota.