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euro/clear corners/headlights, fogs second gen

ok so i wnat to upgrade the lights on my second gen... dont have the $ to do the projectors

does anyone make a fog light? i know the stock foglights are already clear, but what about the diamond clear to match the headlights?

i havent been able to find any diamond clear corners that didnt have a orange stripe, do they come with that? can it be removed? is there a way to get them without? i have seen the all clear, regular lense, like the stock ones just clear

cost? best place to get them?

i like the euros the best, but i wnat all clear, i do not want the orange in the corner at all. if they dont make them without the orange, i will get the clear oe fluted looking ones with new oe headlights for uniformity

at some point, i will be adding a strobe setup to the lights, either drilling the units composite or jsut adding a flasher to the headlight system

here is what i have found thus far:






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May 17, 2007
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i went with the black ones, mostly because my car was black
same company, they were a great buy, and fit perfect