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Evap Code P0453


September 29, 2008
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South MS
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Hattiesburg, MS
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00 XLT 3.0L
I have been troubleshooting a P0453 code (Evaporative Control System Pressure Sensor High Input), and I was wondering if any of you guys have dealt with that code before. I decided to start with a bench test of the evap purge valve, the canister vent valve and the charcoal canister itself. The fuel pump assembly was replaced about 1.5 year ago, so I want to believe my fuel pressure sensor has not gone bad already.

- Tried new fuel tank cap, but it did not solve anything
- Evap purge valve: ended up having to get a new purge valve because I managed to damage the one I was testing by connecting it backward to the 12v source. :banghead:
- Evap canister vent valve: checked ok since I observed the correct polarity!
- I did blow air (by mouth and with a hose) into the canister, and it is not clogged
- Fuel pump assembly: replaced about 1-1/2 year ago.
- I have not checked the evap hoses for blockage yet. My air compressor was not available at the time. I still need to do that with them disconnected from everything

I have not checked the intake manifold inlet yet either in case that there can be an obstruction at the end of the inlet nipple. Have any of you guys dealt with that code involving something thing else that is not mentioned above?