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Exhaust Specifics!

About the 50 series -- is there more benefit from running dual pipes out of the muffler, or is a single exhaust sufficient?

Hey guys. I'm a log time reader but this is a topic that I can actually put in my $.02. I am one of the newest in the dual exhaust game. I had mine installed on 12/22. Granted, I'm not in the same city as any of you who have responded so far, but I'll give you mine input. My exhaust is set up exactly like Rpheezy's...except I have approximately 1 inch on each side of my full sized spare. When the guy installed mine, he looked like an artist at work. I didn't go with the flowmasters; I went will a turbo muffler. The total price paid was $205. It sounds great. It has a nice burble at idle and just the right amount of mild roar when I step on it. Any X guys in this area interested should check out Henry's Muffler shop.

So I finally went to get a quote, it's been a while but it's becoming more and more of a reality that I'm getting my exhaust done. Again like I've been told before that I have trouble with brake lines and vent tubes in the way of my exhaust. How can I get them out of the way?

This is the part that really gets me is how much one of the places quoted me.....$590!!!!! I'm not getting my muffler from them, but they wanted to charge me $280 for a Flowmaster muffler alone! And they told me that it was impossible for them to run the exhaust without removing my muffler.

Luckily another shop told me that they'd run duals for $250 + the muffler, and happened to be an Explorer owner himself.

Yet another shop told me that they'd install the muffler and run the pipes for about $160-170, but they'd have to check it out.

What am I going to have to do with the wires to get my duals without having to remove my spare!?