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Fiberglassing Enclosure for 10W7/Amp


August 4, 2003
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Warren, MI
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1999 Eddie Bauer
Just curious if anybody has any custom fiberglass work for thier system. I built a box built to JL specs for my 10W7 but I want something a little fancier in the cargo area. This is my first shot at fiberglassing, which seems pretty easy, but curious of other peoples setups (pics please). I want to install the sub and amp in one enclosure with fans hooked up to cool the amp. Thinking about taking that panel off the passenger side where the OEM sub is and fiberglassing that entire area. Suggestions???

JL 10w7
JL 500/1
Pioneer Premier 850
so far...

Fiberglass may seem easy but it really is not, for a first fiberglass project to something small. I did a box for my MTX 9512 that has some fiberglass and it took twice what I thought it would take (cost and time), there is a lot of layering, body filler, sanding, more sanding then paint.

I'll take some pics of mine later.


Have you checked It's an installer school, and they have a few pictures of the fiberglass box built for a JL sub.

here is a step by step worklog on a system we installed in Josh's (typhoon43) explorer. If you have any questions just email me at