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Finially got decent pics...

Well I finially got a lot of stuff done over thanksgiving break. Finially got rims, as seen on Tommy98016's Saleen and expo5.0's ex. Also tail covers made by expo5.0. Tinted the tail lights, painted the calipers and anti-sway bars, and painted the tail light covers.

Mods shown:

18" Saleen rims w/ Yokohama AVS S/T tires

Explorer Express anti-sway bars.

Painted calipers

Custom tail covers w/ tinted tails.

Clear corners.


-Should I remove the pinstripe?

-Should I paint front+rear bumpres & the side moldings white?

-Should I remove the side moldings?
(maybe some photoshop gurus could gimme examples?)

Here are pics of what a 1995 stock limited explorer looks like, minus the white tail wing (I think I'm going to get one of those though :p )

Please excuse the fact that they were taken at night... tonight was the first time I had access to a good digital camera since I put everything on.

Over xmas break I plan on dropping it 1-2" pending successful tweaking of the Air Ride Control system.;) ;)


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we'll see how my bumper holds up w/ the paint and go from there...