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First mod


December 20, 2011
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Comox BC
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1994sport/Built 1996 Z28
So after a trip to the top of a snowy mountain in my area I realized my 4x4 dident work. This is after going through some muds pits multiple times in the weeks before( obviously nothing too extreme but I'm new to offroading so the simple things are just awsome to me.) Anyway I had it up off the ground and cleaned the hubs a s described in the sticky minus heating the atf fluid also I only let it soak for like an hour..when I tested the 4x4 nothing happened all the axles and shafts were spinning but wheels were not. So I picked up a set of a warn manual hubs will be installing them tomrrow.

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Good job. Diagnosed the problem and set about fixing it.

I like the idea of the auto hubs. It's nice not to have to get out of the truck when you need 4x4. But I broke too many. It's really hard to change a hub when have the wheel is buried in mud. That was the end of the auto hubs for me.

So I got them installed in about 40 min and before I lowers the truck I put it into 4x4 after locking the hubs and bam...all wheels were turning I'm pretty pumped about will be some long range lights then the lift and tires.

FYI, I got over 2.5" with f150 springs, custom shackles, and alignment bushings. I think it was about $150.

Is there a link to some pics of your rig from the description in your sig its pretty much what I'm looking at doing to mine.

Sorry, no. I haven't done a registry yet. I've been meaning to, but I have too many things going on to collect all that info and consolidate it. But the way I did it was search and read, read and search, then execute.

I have a few threads around hear with my projects. I try to take pics when I do something.