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Free 96 4.0 with a catch


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February 10, 2019
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Jacksonville FL
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96 Explorer 5.0 rwd
Just got a free 96 EB with the 4.0, but the engine was torn down to the head gaskets. All the parts are there, I just have to get it running and get it out of their driveway.
Im at a stopping point waiting on intake plenum gaskets, and I have a couple questions because this is my first time playing with the 4.0.
On the fuel rail is what appears to be a (pic) Schrader valve, is that what it is or dose something attach to this?
Dose the orientation of the vacuum lines to the EGR and whatever else matter? Green and yellow lines (Pic)


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Schrader valve is a fuel pressure port, only used for servicing/diagnostics. Not sure if the vacuum line orientation matters but the way you have it in the picture is correct.

masospaghetti, thank you very much!