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front left suspension STILL making noise...what's going on?


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May 18, 2002
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92 XLT 4WD
i just had all of my bushings replaced with daystar ones. axle, pivot, shackles. there is still noise coming from the front left suspension. it seems like it's coming from the radius arm area, but i could be wrong. it makes noise when i step on the gas hard and the front end kicks up, when i go over speed bumps, over any kind of potholes, etc. i don't think that it's coming from the right. i greased the axle, but not the pivot bushings. would that make a difference? i thought that ideally there shouldn't be any grease. could my shock be making all that noise? last time i took the front shock off and checked if it was the noise maker, it was perfectly fine. could something else be going bad? when i back out of my garage in the morning, and start to turn the steering wheel, i can hear cracking noise. when they were replacing the radius arm bushing, the right one had been previously replaced, so there were bolts to go in there already. the left ones were being changed for the first time. they grinded off the studs and put new bolts in. could they be the wrong size bolts? maybe the bolt is too small and that bracket area is constantly shifting and grinding against the frame? any suggestions?

this happened to me a while back when I put on new coils. What it turned out to be for me was that the coil was not seated properly in the coil bucket. All I had to do was loosen the retaining bolt (22mm) and take the pressure off the spring and turn the coil until it was seated in the groove correctly. You will see a groove in the bucket where the top of the spring should sit. If it is off a little, you might want to try this. It worked for me, no more popping. But you never know, it may be something else.


I don't know if you have a lift with drop brackets or not... but...

I was trying to find a clunk up front that wasn't Radius Arm bushings.. and after about 1 month of trying to find it.. I accidentially found it trying to find a socket I dropped...

Turns out the bolts that were holding the axle pivot bracket that was on the drivers side was coming loose.

I had the nylon insert nuts so they wouldn't just come off but it was loose enough to make it clunk... I tightened them back up.. and all is fine now.