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Front Wheel Bearing and CV Joint


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October 24, 2016
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Thompson, Ct
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2004 Explorer Sport Trac
In July of this year I replaced the Front Passenger side wheel bearing/hub because of a grinding noise when I turned left. It was pretty easy to do with the correct tools (once the correct axle nut socket was found). This one only took me an hour and 45.

About a month ago I started to get a buzzing and vibration in the front end, couldn't quite tell which side. It got louder with speed, didn't matter about turning. Very noticeable when coasting from higher speed.

Last week it got much louder, I ordered a new Timken hub. I changed it this weekend with no trouble since this was the second I have done.

Here's the question:
When I took the rotor off and checked to see if the bearing had play in it I noticed that first it did not. (the passenger side bearing definitely had play and grinding when I turned it by hand) What I did notice was that there was some play in the CV joint or backlash somewhere. I somewhat convinced myself that I had a bigger problem than the bearing.

I replaced the bearing anyway since I figured if it wasn't the bearing, it would be soon enough.

So, took it for a ride and everything is fine, no vibration, no buzzing.

But then I was still concerned about the shucking that I could feel, in the shaft.

Is it normal?