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FYI Power Antenna Wire


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April 3, 2001
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98 EB
Hey guys....
Just wanted to let you all know that if you have a 98 EB, and you are installing a new head unit, and you need to splice your power control cable from your new headunit to the power antenna wire,(to make ithe antenna functional when turning the headunit on/off), that wire is located on the SQUARE 20 pin connector that came off the back of the stock unit!
That wires' color is ORANGE with a BLUE stripe. IT is NOT located on the connector that your aftermarket wire harness will connect to!(that would be the RECTANGULAR 16 pin connector)....
All of this assumes you have the stock premium sound system, you purchased a wiring harness for explorers, and you WANT your power antenna to work!
I did a lot of searching, (here, and elsewhere to try to get a quick,CLEAR cut go).
I hope this saves some of you the hassle of searching for this wire!
I ttok a page out of BBQ Hotdogs book, and took a "live" wire and touched the copper connectors until the antenna rose......CAREFUL though! One of those connectors, I touched,tried to turn the engine over!!!(still havent figured that one out!)


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OMG! You are my hero!!! I was just searching all over hell on the net trying to figure out how to get my antenna to come up with an aftermarket head unit... I owe you many thanks!! I can finally listen to the radio again when I feel like it.

Hooked it up today, simple as pie. I thank you very much DVS1...

Thank you very much DVS1.
I am putting a switch in this line so that the antenna will stay down when the radio is on. This will keep the radio from picking up a station when the XM radio is modulating to the station. Not a problem around here but is some locations there is a signal on all the frequencies the XM will modulate to.

Stickey ?
Moderator !!!!

Maybe a good sticky.. Then again how much of a benefit can it be?

Worked for me on my 99 Limited! Thanks, DVS1!