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Gap in antenna base = leaky roof???

Serious question, and thought I would try again...

Basically 2015 Ford Explorer Sport VS Commercial Garage Door = Broken Antenna.

Was able to drill out the bolt piece from the pigtail stuck in the base, but it appears that the base now has a small gap in the front where the roof meets the antenna base.

My question is: Is there another gasket inside the antenna base where the base bolts to the roof, OR is water free to leak inside my car?

I am guessing the heavy pressure on the antenna (that caused the antenna to snap) caused the roof metal to warp a bit. That I don't care about, but a leaky roof would be no good.

I cannot find ANYWHERE any sort of pic on how the antenna mounts to the car. I can find lots of pictures of the base top, but not from the underside.

I could order a shark fin and hopefully seal it, but what about something like expandable foam? Might that work too.

I really don't want to spend hundreds or thousands for bodywork and/or antenna repair if I don't need to.



I have a 2006 Focus with a similar antenna design (antenna is located directly over the front dome light) - I don't remember seeing a gasket under there when I replaced the antenna a few years ago.

As far as I remember the only hole in the roof is the hole that the bolt goes through, so as long as that's tight you shouldn't have a problem.

Just take it apart and look, it's not like you're going to void the warranty since it's already broken anyway.