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Gas tank overflow when filling up at the pump?


May 16, 2013
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2001 Sport Trac 4WD
Noticed an odd issue with my 01 Sport Trac yesterday. I went to the gas station to fill up, and you know how pumps work . . .they pump til your tank is full, then there's the click and the fuel stops flowing. Well, I got the click and the fuel stopped flowing, but I noticed a pretty large amount of gasoline dumped onto the ground under the truck, like some sort of overflow is happening when the tank fills. Any idea?

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Check the filler neck hoses for signs of leakage.

Yep, probably rusted through. Check where the smaller rubber return line hits the hose under there. Pull the hose/neck intersection around a little, you'll be able to tell.

Thanks guys. Until I get around to doing something about it, I shouldn't have to worry about gas that's in the tank leaking, correct? In other words, just don't fill it all the way when I gas up and drive happy?

I drove mine for months before replacing the filler neck. It all depends on how rusted it is if that is the issue- mine was eventually through, and the only thing keeping it together was the rubber hose. As tome point it would be a safety concern, so I would check it out to see if that is indeed the problem, then plan a replacement.

FYI- sells a nice replacement for about $100. They are stupid expensive elsewhere...

My old photobucket was compromised and I lost the pics, but here was my writeup: