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getting a smoother ride?


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January 16, 2005
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2001 EB AWD 5.0
I’m trying to improve the ride on my 93 EB 4WD. So far I’ve replace the radius arm bushings, all four-ball joints, installed new shocks, had front end alignment, replaced rotors, calipers and wheel bearings, rotate and balance on all four

Even though the ball joints were real bad it still has a rough ride. It feels like their no give on the front suspension, as if the whole front end is a solid piece. I can drive the same route in my 02 EB and not notice anything. But in the 93 even small bumps knocks change out of the ashtray.

I’m not tiring to get a new ride out of it, just looking on how to improve on what I’ve got.

I have done a search but didn’t really get a lot out it. I’m not looking for a expensive aftermarket system .Rather what factory parts that might be worn out

Thanks in advance

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did you read the rules of this forum? :rolleyes: is this really an emergency? have you tried searching? i know you didnt, this kind of thing has been covered hundreds of times on here, try looking for the answers to your questions.....and your will never ride like the 02, just wont happen no matter what you do

You are right this is not a life threaten emergency. If it were the truck would be in the shop being repaired by a professional. And I wouldn’t be setting here with my feet propped up replying to you.

All I’m looking for are a few simples’ answers .not a long discussion lift kits lowering kits. or how to put bigger wheels on it .

If you have any real advice i would like to hear it, or I can drive 10 miles to Greenwood and you can show me

Yours Truly

sounds like you have already replaced everything that could cause the harsh ride, its just the fact that the ttb susp is not going to ride smooth

Oh and I am in muncie, so it would be a little longer of a drive ;)

you might be mistaking the front for the rear

i did everything you did less then a month ago (new bushings, balljoings, bearings, brakes, the works man) and my **** is running smooother then EVER

that TTB isnt rough at ALL its the smoothest truck ive ridden in.

the Rear is kinda bumpy cuz its leaf springs, those suckers bounce on everything that pops up. :p

try getting stiffer leaf springs

you might be happier

Stiffer leaf springs would only make the ride harsher. I would also disagree that the TTB is a smooth riding suspension. If that were so, Ford would still be using it now. But its been gone since '97, when the new IFS F-150 came out. Your truck is never going to ride like an '02. That thing has fully independent front and rear suspensions; your's has a partially independent front suspension and a completely solid rear. No comparison, where ride quality is concerned. What kind of shocks did you put on? I would say that is just about the biggest factor in ride quality that you can adjust.

Yeah your right

ive never driven anything other then my '92 and my buddies '95 bronco... i always thought the explorer was much smoother then the bronco

and ill agree with the shocks being the biggest concern with these suppention

i used the monroe gas-a-matic shocks and they felt like i was running straight coils/springs that **** was so bouncy haha

i ran the ProComp ES3000 and noticed a Great improvment in ride quality... thats what im runnin now

tires will make a difference

I went from Bridgestone Duelers to Michelin LTX M+S (Lt rated to boot) and the ride improved a ton!!! Much smoother,little road noise

Thanks for the input its alot more useful than the first one I got.

I for got which shock I installed its been a few months Ill check when I get home.
The problem is definitly in the front. There is one spot on my way to work where old pavement meets new pavement that makes the wheel almost jump out of my hand. Even when I had a 87 F-150 4x4 I never had this rough of a ride.
When i found the radius bushing replacement info on the Explorer Maintence site one guy said he put in some extra washers as spacers.I may try thy that this weekend.


What radius arm bushings do you have in right now? When were they changed?

check tires and tire pressuer.

Michelins XCT are some of the nicest riding tires out there. 35 psi and you float :)

Tire pressure was one of the first thing I looked at.I always check the free stuff first.

Radius bushings are about 8 months old, got them at the dealer. Unlike most everyone else with frontend problems,I don't have have any pops ar squeks comming from underneath

Radius bushings are about 8 months old, got them at the dealer. Unlike most everyone else with frontend problems,I don't have have any pops ar squeks comming from underneath[/QUOTE]

I wondered if you had poly bushings. When I had my 93, I changed everything possible to correct the 65 mph shake. This was over several years, but one of the first things was E/S poly rad. arm bushings. Just before I sold the truck, I replaced these bushings with a set of Moog. Noticed a significant improvement in ride quality. (much softer and more comfortable)

Never could cure the shake.

I'm not sure if your 93 EB has end links on the sway bar, but I just replaced mine along with the SB bushings, with the Energy Suspension poly's and my '99 Limited feels like a new vehicle again. Changing these small components made the biggest difference in ride quality out of anything I've ever done to a suspension. Strange thing was that none of these appeared really bad by just looking at them. The OE SB bushings were dry and rusted into the SB and I had to sand off the little square patterns that were transferred to the SB from the inside of the OE bushing. Seems like the bushings were turning in the frame brackets instead of allowing the SB to pivot through the centers. The end links were causing some knocking noises. I didn't suspect them because they looked and felt tight when i grabbed onto them, but I noticed the "slop" when I started rocking the vehicle from underneath. Before this repair, I would brace myself and grit my teeth before hitting an unaviodable pothole...followed by a chorus of
"holy ****," from my passengers. Now it feels like I replaced every suspension component possible. Happy! Happy! :D :D

Thanks Lizard
I spent an hour under it yesterday checking everything I can. Evertime I looked at the bushings I kept wondering, although they look good on the outside if they were bad.So Im ordering new energy suspension for the front and back from Central 4 wheeldrive. If anyone knows a better brand for the price let me know if not I'll order these tomorrow.