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Good Price - Husky Liners for $91.04 CAD


March 16, 2012
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Barrie, ON
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2012 Ford Explorer XLT
Hi All,

I'm torn between the Weathertech digital fit mats and the Husky Liners. I've read on both, and the both seem like awesome products.

However, I did find a Canadian distributor for Husky products at a decent price. They have a set for $91.04 CAD. However, I really don't understand the description as it says "Gray w/3rd row seating". The image looks like the driver/passenger and 2nd row seats.

Is that a good deal? I am in Canada, so it seems reasonable (anything shipped from the US usually kills the deal).

Here's the link if you want to see it:

Are these mats any different than the ones offered as the group deal from Husky?




There are a few really good threads on this subject so use the search function and you can research the pricing and members comments.

One of the members here got us a group buy on Husky that was so cheap for all three rows it was MUST BUY.

WeatherTech would not agree to a group buy.

Just my opinion but the WeatherTech mats look a little better in appearance but the Husky mats cover more carpet area. The deciding factor for me was that the WeatherTech didn't cover the carpet area that is at the driver and passenger footwell by the door sill. That to me is the most vulnerable for dirt and damage.

Both great products.