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having fun in the snow with the explorer pics


August 7, 2006
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03 XLT
took it up to one of the local ski hills. it did pretty well in some reletivly deep wet snow. the new tires kicked butt in this stuff, very impressed with them. quit a few 4x4's were stuck up there like a gmc jimmy and a bmw X5 sport utility and a suzuki samurai with what looked like to be 31" mudders on it, but the old ford was just trucking on by with ease:D








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cool pics...looks like fun...i wish we had snow right now

Hey 4.0powered, where were you? On Seymour?


yeah seymour it was. they have a parking lot that hasn't been plowed yet and looked like a lot of fun but it's pretty nasty up there with lots of deep wet snow. i was solo so i didn't even try it but good times up there for shure.

If it makes you feel any better, I spent Friday on the beach :cool: hahah

Sure, rub it in! We've been having record rainfall here, but as 4.0powered mentioned, the ski hills are getting some good snow.

looks pretty awesome dude... nice job in the snow... this weekend i was in a sloppy parking lot at LSU for the game and i threw it in 1 rather than drive and suprisingly made it out without the 4x4... worked well and i was pleased with the power of the little ford

there Wild Track Radial LTR 265/70/16,i got them at Big O Tire, there a really aggressive style A/T type tire with deep and well spaced apart groves. there also siped for ice and snow. these are really quite and tread life is 50,000 miles. i payed $835 canadian for them mounted & balanced.


i wish i had the mounty here (crying)

This damn rain is killing me.

i wish i could have snow...ever

it was 80+ here the other day

Mahdey, when do you get to drive the Mounty again?

those pics look cold. Yesterday was 86 degrees here.

I have a 2003 Explorer XLT. What will it take to put 33/12.5 tires on it? or should I just go for 31/10.5 tires. I'm looking for a wider tire and a slight lift if possible. Winter is here, and it's always a bear to get to Lake Tahoe.

well dude the largest u can fit on a 3rd gen X is a 265/75 which is a 31...

im not saying it would def work but if u get the minor lift like the one i got then u may could fit 285s which are 33s... if u want more details just get back to me

cool. Thanks for the tip. So it's like this; I'll stick 31's on there, but the question is will they fit w/out any other mods?

Also, what lift kit is available for the 2003 Explorer XLT?

And lastly, what type of offset rim is recommended vs. spacers?

Thanks again,