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heated seat not working


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April 25, 2009
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Hello all, my heated drivers seat on my 2002 mountaineer is not working,I have read a lot about this problem and know it can be the element,can someone tell me how to take the seat cover off and check the element..Thanks!!

you can use an multimeter and ohm the seat pad at the connector under it, if its OL the pad is no good.

I'm having a simular problem with my '02 Mountaineer. Seems to be passengers side only...Lets say (for example) we went on a trip. used the heated seat once maybe twice.... go to turn it back on, nothing....It works most of the time but theres always that chance it dosn't want to...


I would definitely do a continuity check across the heater terminals (of course after checking all of the other usual suspects) before I even considered removing and rebuilding a seat.

Particularly if the fault seemed to be intermittent.