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2005 Heated seat diagram???


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November 4, 2006
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2005 Mountaineer
Anyone possibly have a diagram of the heated seat circuit? I have a 2005 Mountaineer out of warranty because of milage where the drivers side heated seat stopped working. Checked the single fuse it was ok the passenger side works. Have not checked for voltage at the seat but that will be next. I'm thinking it prolly the element itself. I know the have a thermister in the circuit so that could possibly be it. Anyone change/repair the element? How big a pain in the butt is it? Thanks


If your going to go through the trouble of replacing the heating elements, test them first. You can do this by running 12v + to the yellow / light blue wire. Both should heat, if not try isolating each element. Its as simple as completing the circuit. If they both work your problem lies elsewhere.