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HELP!!! Cd Error message on stereo


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November 8, 2012
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2002 Ford Explorer
I'm stuck! CD player won't work. Happened once before & I was able to "fix" it- no luck this time. Dealership said radio needs replacing. Radio works great just the CD player won't eject CD's or play.
Any suggestions? Can I replace just the CD player part or do I need to replace the complete unit? Where do I find the Serial # of the unit so I can match it?
The dealership wants $750 to replace unit & I've seen it on Ebay for much less $$ but I need to make sure it's the same part. Or, does anyone know if the CD player can be repaired?
It's a 2002 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer with an Audiophile am/fm stereo 6 CD changer.
Thanks for any help.


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February 15, 2010
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Welcome aboard!! :salute:

Try searching/posting your question in the Explorer Audio & Navigation Sub Forum. You will get more exposure over there and there are a few discussions about this issue. Click here to go there now.

The model & serial numbers will be on the back of the radio. Here is a good thread for removing the radio:

Good luck with the fix. :biggthump

Please keep us posted as feedback helps others reading this post looking for a fix to the same or similar issue!