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Help! Concerns w/ '96exp. EB series - replacing sub in factory location


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March 24, 2003
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'96 Ford Explorer E.Bauer
I have a '96 Explorer Eddie Bauer and want to replace my existing JBL subwoofer with a Rockford Fosgate 6.5" or 8" sub.

There is a factory installed amp next to the woofer casing. I want to keep that amp there. I shouldn't have to upgrade it!

o What is my factory subwoofer size?

o Since the existing JBL sub is enclosed in this black plastic casing on the rear passenger side, what is the best way to take it out?

o Will I be able to fit a 8" in that compartment?

:confused: What does everyone think about this situation? Ideas?


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February 25, 2001
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I think the best way to go for easability would be to get a MTX Thunderform from MTX. It houses one MTX6000 10" sub. It will replace the factory sub and fits in the same area the factory sub is. You can get them loaded wich comes with the new enclosure, sub and an amp all built into the enclosure. Or you can get it with just the sub or just the enclosure. If you are going for something to add a little bump to the music I would go with this set up. The factory amp isnt really a good amp to run an aftermarket sub. If it were me I would go with the thunderform. My friend has on in his 95 explorer and it sounde pretty good.


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February 2, 2002
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1998 Mountaineer AWD
The factory sub is a 6 or 6.5. I don't think you can put an 8 in there. And the factory amp is next to useless unless you get a low power 6.