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help me build my box


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October 26, 2004
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Worcester, MA
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98 Eddie Bauer
I am inexperienced with building boxes so help me out.

i got 2 sheets of 3/4" MDF.

The subs are: 2 JL Audio 10w3v2's
The amp is: either the JL e1400D or the JL e1800D

the continous handling of the subs are roughly 300W. the 1400 puts out 240W, and the 1800 puts out 480W. I don't really know what I want for an amp yet. Anyway, as some of you might know, I'm building a false floor, but don't know about the box part of it.

This box can be roughly 30" to 37" wide. It is going to be lying on it's back, so the subs point up at the ceiling. The box cannot be that tall, that is the only big problem i see. The mounting depth is 5 3/4", so I will probably need 2'x8' s to support the false floor above the box.

I just really need dimensions. Do you think a box 7 inches deep and 35 inches wide will be big enough for these subs?
Should I put a piece of MDF inside the box, separating the subs airspace?
Please help me haha.

so a false floor above the box? i think that may have been a typo.

well first make your false floor, your options for that are... set the false floor on the wheel wells, or you could set it between the wheel wells to make it flush with them.

as for the subs check out the specs.

if your going sealed, a seperate air space for both subs would be a good idea, if your going ported you could use shared air space, or even seperate air spaces.

you only gave 2 specs for your box idea, your missing the lenth. ill assume 11"-12" long so that would be 12x7x35 making the box about 1.5 cubic feet, i am not sure that is enough space for those subs. find out how much space you would have from the top of the false floor to the top of the seats and take a few inches off so that it doesnt go to high.

i never separare air spaces, ported or sealed - the more subs you have in the same space, the more they even out each other's imperfections.

you should start with calculating the volume you want to use. what is your goal - most musical sub, most loud, most punchy bass?

okay the box isn't going to have 10's in it. it's going to have the 8's i already own, so i can save money
so the box dimensions are: 36"x12"x6" the mounting depth is only 4.06", so I am thinking 6 inches deep with all that added space should be enough room.'s recommendations say 16"x9"x8". This is for a box with one sub in it, so with two it would just be 32"x9"x8".

I am going to seal the box. It's going to be pretty punchy souding, which is what I want. Should I put the subs near the tailgate, or the back seat? I don't know if this makes a difference in SPL.