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Help me I screwed up my headlights!!!

I was probably stupid when I did this, but I got a pair of 9007 Green Xenon bulbs off of ebay and just pluged them inplace of the stock bulbs. This was easy, infact, it was too easy. It worked fine and the lights looked great. I waited until it was dark and went for a drive. I was driving with my high beams on and dimmed them when a car came in the other direction. The low beams came back on, but the high beam light on my dash didnt go off, it just got dimmer. I was also unable to turn my fog lights on. I flicked the high beams on and off once more and it was fine, but my passenger side headlight was out. I returned home and tried to put the stock headlight bulb back in that side and it didnt work. Then I put both stock bulbs back and the passenger side still doesent work. Can anyone help me?

I used those bulbs from ebay...I know my wire is hot and soft by the end you plug into the headlights..When i looked at it there was like a white powder in there..I sprayed that electrical grease..It worked ok but now i have problems..My passenger side stays dim amnd my highbeam lights stays lit dimly..When i open the hood and move the wires it use to fix itself but not anymore.Even my fog lights are screwy..I just ordered that heavy duty headlight wiring harness from the link above..I won't be able to use the plug because it is beyond repair.I will try splicing and taping the wires..I hope it works otherwise off to the garage and i bet it will cost...Has anyone used this harness beforer?

01exploder, I hope you'll know what not to do after hearing wbandyjr's comment.

Anyways...wbandyjr, Aldive and I think Bill Kemp used the heavy duty harness. PM them and ask them what they think.