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Help Needed: 5R55W Transmission


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December 6, 2011
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Orlando, FL
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2002 Mercury Mountaineer
:usa:I have a 02 Mounty RWD (5R55W) and my transmission I believe is shot. Here is a quick story. I bought the SUV used and when I got it, I noticed the hard shifts from 2nd to 3rd and from 4th to 5th. We drove it on Christmas night. I noticed the car shifting extra hard, but we made it home. The next day we go out to drive the truck and the car won't move at all. It made a loud noise when I rev it up but the car would not move. We didn't know what was wrong so decided to pump some new transmission fluid through bottom of the transmission thinking that the fluid was low. That was not the case and did not help one bit. The car still turns on but does not moved. Whenever I shift the gears I hear almost a grinding noise coming from the transmission, but I am not sure what it is. I need some advice. I found a local junk yard that has the 5R55W tranny wand wants $700 for it. My logic is to pull my current tranny and rebuild it with better parts. We did check the differential and it is in 100% working order. Something I did notice when I recently jacked the car up is that when I place the truck in gear, the rear tires do spin but do not match the speed of the Driveshaft at all. I run the engine at 2500 RPM and the tires seem to spin at 500RPM. The movement is very delayed. When the car was let back down, it's like the tranmission does not have enough power to move the car and that is why the car will not move at all.

1. Do you think it is the bands? Block? Torque Convert or Servos? that has gone bad not allowing the truck to move.

2. Rebuild or Buy used tranny?

3. Any writeups for removing the transmission from an 02-05 Explorer/Mounty?

4. If I rebuild, what is all recommended?

Thanks for the help, I will try to post a video of the sound the truck is making.

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Thanks for the link

It sounds like the solenoid block failed. How many miles does it have?

The solenoid blocks usually go up to 60K miles then start showing signs of failure.

Solenoid block replacement is simple right? Remove tranny pan, unbolt old block and bolt back up new one?

You should use a torque wrench on the bolts.