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Transmission problems! :( help!!! 5R55W AUTO


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October 28, 2012
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2002 Ford Explorer XLS 4W
Okay, so I have a 2002 Ford Explorer xls 4wd; it has the 5R55W automatic transmission in it. Like many of you, my O/D light started flashing, and I was getting a hard shift from 2-3. After some research , including from this site, I learned that the problem is NOT solved by replacing the transmission. The problem is solved by replacing the auto trans solenoid pack (drop the pan, replace the solenoid pack, replace the the pan and refill with fluid). I also had to replace the o/d servo.. the tip of it was broken which we found sitting at the bottom of the pan. so after putting the new solenoid block .. the transmission seem to be locked. i shift to reverse, driver, 2nd gear.. the car does not move :mad: any idea of what might be going on? im all out of ideas.:dunno: we removed the solenoid again.. put it back on.. nothing! still not moving. the engine runs fine! but the car wont move. seems to me like if the transmission locked itself. :scratch:

help please!!

what codes did you retrieve? just replacing the solenoid block without proof that it is bad may not have fixed anything. Servo problems with these transmissions is common. the sleeve that the servo fits into wears out causing the servo to fail producing flare shifts.. My O/D light blinked as well and the codes i retreived pointed to the servo. I purchased and aftermarket servo with a viton o-ring on the server shaft that seals the sleeve so that there is no more fluid leak. I've had it for 6 months now and no more shift issues. search this site for tmaher and you'll find my write up. this couldbe your problem.

Thanks for your response. the codes I had were P0733 & P0745.