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Help with 2013 police interceptor suv

Maybe there are two definitions one for Military and one for Law Enforcement

Police use Sworn Members/Civilian Members

Sorry for thread HiJack

In U.S. parlance, a civilian is also considered one not on active duty in the armed services, not a law enforcement officer, or not a member of the firefighting force.[1] In a legal context, however, U.S.C. title 10 chapter 18 refers to law enforcement officers as civilians.[2]

It was explained to me years ago, by a military man I deeply respected, that in the military you were no longer a civilian because you had given up many of your rights. Such as freedom of speech. You were US government property. That certainly isn't the case with police or fire.

I know many couldn't care less either way, but many of us from military backgrounds still cringe when we hear it used to describe anyone who is not active duty military. :)

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Anyone outside of the military is a civilian. Police, fire department... etc.

I have a 2013 Police Interceptor Utility that came with the option of rear door handles on the inside disabled and the option that has the hidden rear manual lock plungers. Question is... what can I do to modify this to make it back to normal where I would have normal manual lock plungers and working interior door release levers for my rear doors. Any help on resolving this would be appreciated.

I found the answer to my own question....

As for a console, I just used my Clutter Catcher, and bolted it onto the mounting plate. I cut some plastic off the clutter catcher so it would sit flat and not move around once bolted in. Fits perfect, and I have cup holders again!

For those of you that have purchased a Interceptor utility, how is that going, any regrets, would you do something different ?

Looking at a '14 for the Ecoboost, sounds like a fun vehicle.

So the only way to get the dome lights to work is having to take it to a dealership?

Welcome to the Forum Terry.:wave:
I'm not familiar with any dome light issues but then I don't have a PIU. Have you checked the fuses? The retail unit has a fuse for the "courtesy" lights and another for the "demand" lights. Perhaps your Explorer has the 'Dark Car' feature enabled. Dark Car Feature


Im sorry I wasn't clear. My dome light works. Just not when you open the door. My question was is the only way to change that is take it to the dealer?

Im sorry I wasn't clear. My dome light works. Just not when you open the door. My question was is the only way to change that is take it to the dealer?
That would be the courtesy lights. Have you checked to see if there is a fuse for that? In the retail unit it is fuse #12 in the cabin fuse box and controls the following;
Interior courtesy lamps (overhead console, Second row, cargo), Puddle lamps, Console bin LED, Backlighting.


Im sorry I wasn't clear. My dome light works. Just not when you open the door. My question was is the only way to change that is take it to the dealer?
Are you referring to the map lights above the rear view mirror or the big roof/dome light? I use the dark car feature, so I have no interior lights when I open doors. I don't recall if the big white/red roof dome worked via the door switch, but I believe it is only manually switched on/off. It's been a while since I configured it, so if my memory is off, I apologize.

Yes I’m talking about the dark car mode. Is the only way to turn it off is to go to a dealt? Or can you do it in the car menu or setup someplace?

I can't tell from your comments. If you are talking about the big white/red dome light, that should be manual on/off. Doesn't matter if you have dark car enabled or not.

If your map lights don't turn on when you open the doors, you may have dark car enabled. In that case, I believe you will need to have it deactivated via IDS or forscan. No ipc control for <2016 models.

Ok the map light works fine. It’s not connected to the dark mode. At night I have no lights when I open the door. All lights work manually! I just want to
Know how to make the inside light come on when the door is opened.

I think nomenclature May be the problem here. The big round light works fine. All other lights work fine manually. So if I understand correctly. The only way to get any light to come on when the door is opened is to go to the dealership because I have no forscan or IDS.