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Help with Squealing Noise


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July 22, 2007
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06 Limited
I have a 06 Limited Explorer with 23K on the clock and started to notice that I am getting this loud squealing noise coming from the left side of the vehicle after driving for a while. At first I thought it might be something with the brakes, so I checked the calipers and rotors, but everything is greased up and moving correctly. It will not make any noises when the car is cold but after 10-15 mins of driving, the squeal will start. The weirdest part is that it does it whether im in 4X4 or not, and it squeals without braking. I noticed after parking and shutting the car down, it lets out one last quiet squeal and fades out. Any ideas what could be causing this? I've owned 5 Mustangs and have dealt with Ford before on warrenty issues and would like to be prepared as to what the cause might be so I'm not there all day or them telling me that the noise is normal. I'm sure everyone knows the drill. Thanks for the help!!

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I had to replace the acc drive belt around 25k because it squealed once it got warm and the motor was above 1500 rpm's. Might be worth taking a look at that.

Take the serpentine belt off and run the motor ( briefly ) and see if the noise is gone. If so, the source is something driven by the belt such as AC. PS, pulleys, alternator, water pump.

Good luck ....

Thanks for the advice. I'll check that this weekend, though I don't think that is the cause. It will squeal only when in motion, kinda of like something rubbing that's causing the squeal and then once parked and shut down, it lets out one last fading squeal, unless I have a bad pulley somewhere that at idle is fine but in motion squeals. Any other thoughts? Either way, it's going to the dealer since I need to get that tranny TSB done anyway. Thanks everyone!

I am experiencing the same problem. Did you ever determine what was causing the squeal and fix it ?

Do you have rear climate control? I had the same kind of noise, and I was really sure it was coming from the left rear. I know there's a condensor, or some other climate control components back there somewhere, for the rear A/C and fan. I might use it a total of six times a year. I started to wonder whether maybe, even though the switch was in the off position, somehow that rear A/C unit was still doing I switched it back on, ran it for about 15 minutes, then switched it off again. I haven't heard the squeal again since then...that was about 1,000 miles ago. Hope that helps.