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how much lift will i get?


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April 4, 2006
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Highland, Md
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92 XLT
i have a lift of 4dr 92' poly-leaf springs with a procomp 1.5in AAL

how much will that lift the rear of a 99 2dr (they have monoleaf setups and i assume the amount of leafs will lift it, plus ther 4dr springs and they have the AAL)

so anybody hav an accurate estimate pleasE? want to know how much im looking at to match the front

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ExporeRanger -- just slap it on and see what comes of it :D

cgrif- yeah i kno i will be bolting the poly-leaf with AAL off of my 92 4dr onto the 99. as far as i kno it will bolt right up (gettin rid of the mono leaf setup)

izwack- yeah im close to that, but i dont want to have a 4in rake in the rear and then just look retarted until i finally can lift up the front..since i dont kno what my options are to lift the unfamiliar..this is a buddys rig,,

sub question: anybody know some inexpensive ways to get some lift out of the front end of the 99?

Do the 99s still have torsion bars?

you can get about 1.5 to 2in. of front end lift out of the 99 for free by doing a Torsion Twist. search the forum for "tt" or "torsion twist"

thanks yeah they have the torsion bars and im familiar with that lift..but im wondering if 2 will be enough to match the lift out back..does anybody have an estimate of the possible lift i can get out of those bigger leafs in the back of this 99 sport?

I think you said you already have leaves, but if you don't I've got a set off of my 96 four door.

thanks nah..i got mine..all refurbed and AAL'd

gettin back to the say about 1-2 inches but i honestly have no clue...

thank ya mudbug..and thats the guess i'd venture..but i suppose we'll see..anybody have an educated guess?

if the spring swap leaves you at stock height id still say 1-2 inches...seems the standard AAL lift....

thats the thing..the swap wouldnt leave you at stock..prolly close but with it not being mono leaf and it being built for a 4dr thinkin it'll lift it up a lil