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i want new rims but am stuck on what to get...

finally got my new rims (22x9.2's on 265/35's)

well i want 20's but then everyone talking about 22's makes me sorta want them...

heres where im at....

im looking toward Sport Metal Krynos... but the thing is i dont want a lot of tire... i want it to be close to low profile tire, but not really there... for now.

and i was searching for 22's on http://www.discountedwheelwarehouse.com/ and it says that 305/45's would be a good fit... which i doubt... i was told by my friend to get 285/25's if i go with 22's. plus if i get 22's i know id need to upgrade my brakes, and with 20's i wouldnt have to worry as much

but these are the rims im looking at and they are on an actual explorer (and they are 20's)...

my guess is thats probably how much tire i would end up with... so i guess 22's will be in my future... well see after i get them though, ill go out and measure the tire to see if thats about right

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ok another thing... the difference from getting 20's and 22's is 2 weeks... i could get the 20's this week, and the 22's in 2 weeks... i did some thinking, and 22's would be cool... but like i said would 22x10's fit without rubbing? other wise i would have to spend some time looking for other rims (max width 9.5?) well just give me some insite... i would probably have to do the TT again to higher the front end to level out the car... but would there be any other problems other than needing better brakes after getting 22's? such as better suspension or whatever else there is that i need to look in to?

Why would you need better brakes?

According to someone here, it is possible to fit 305 tires in the rear but you wouldn't want that setup upfront.

One thing you should be concern about is how much more the 22's weigh more than the 20's. All that extra added weight might be too much for your OHV.

22s are going to be quite a bit more PITA, 20s will look fine if you lower it, but if you must have 22s be ready for quite a few headaches.

i was thinking better brakes later on... because bigger rims make the stoping distance increase

yeah i was guessing 10's wouldnt fit, so i looked for others, now i just need to see if they come in the right bolt size... but then i remember reading in a magazine, that you could weld the holes shut, and redrill the holes to the right bolt pattern, but that would cost more money, but the plus would be that i would probably be the only person with those rims on an Ex.

so far after reading a thread about 22's i didnt see any problems with the engine... i know im going to lose some power, possibly turn radious (?), stoping power, and gas milage, but gain lots of traction and lots of bling... and also i wont be able to have as much fun with 20's as i would with 22's... i wanted to get my "racer" friends opinion and some girl at works opinion (just to see what she would say about the whole thing. but i didnt see her at work today, so ill have to wait till i see her next week) that way i get a male and female opinion from someone around my age

headaches? how so? id get headaches if i wasnt satisfied with the 20's... i really wanted 21's from the start, but 21's are more expensive in the long run (or so ive heard) and 20's got a bit more tire on them than i was looking for... i was always in to racing... and loved cars with low profile tires i mean 21's would be the shizzy for me... just the right amount of tire, and still have all the fun i would with 20's... but i cant seem to find 21's that i like

Saleen_SR71 said:
you could weld the holes shut, and redrill the holes to the right bolt pattern
Sounds like a dangerous plan to me. :thumbdwn:

Saleen_SR71 said:
i wanted to get my "racer" friends opinion and some girl at works opinion
Ask racer friends? Them 20's don't stand a chance. :D
Some girl? No comment. ;)

heh im asking her right now...

but yeah i was thinking it was dangerous too... and especially since its going to be a daily driver, as opposed to the other car being a show car (hardy driven if anything, and never at rediculous speeds like me)

so actually now im thinking 20's... i may actually just flip a coin on it to decide... i would really like to have the SM Krynos's i just need to find out which way i will save more money on tires... i had found out that certain sized tires are a lot chaper than other sizes... like for 22's id have to go with either 265/30 or 285/35... those are the 2 chapest sizes of all the sizes... but then one of those would also ruin the spedo... because it makes the tire larger than factoy.

I think 22's are too big. Get some 20's and fill the wheel well a little more.. and 20's won't make you faster ;)

i know they wont make me faster, but ill have better acceleration than with 22's and still be able to drive the same... well see, im still debating

**new rims have actually come out since ive last looked, so now i got more options...**

on the newer Explorers the 22's look right in the wheel well .. However if you have the 95-01 Explorer lik ein the picture I woudln't go any bigger than a 20.. 20's fill the gap just right..

i just dont get it... everyone is saying this as if the 22's would be bigger (bigger overall tire diameter) when im aiming for same size tire diameter, so it would fit just the same... if only i could get a 22 mounted and a 20 mounted... that way i could know what to get, but right now im leaning more toward the 22's

ok i did a quick photoshop... not sure if i sized them right, but this is what i think the 22's would look like...


only thing is im not sure if im close to what it would really look like... my editing may be off by like a half inch or so, but it was a quickie

get a 20 with more tire on there, i cant stand big rims and little tires

Man, if you got your heart set on 22's then by all means just get the 22's!

The thing about wheels and tires is that everyone has different taste. You go with what tickle your fancy. For most, the biggest deciding factor is $$$ but it sounds like you got that so go for it and enjoy it!

well i did a photoshop on my car... with a comparison


and imma go with 22's because they look a lot better (to me) than the 20's i would have been very dissatisfied... well if the guy from "Wheel Works" calls me, im going to see if he could arrange a fitting, to see if certain rims will fit, and also to see if thats what i want

sorry this is alittle off topic but i dont wanna start another thread......Im torn between 18"s and 20"s do you guys think 18's are too small?? I wanna get the mustang conbras.....if someone could please photshop 18's on 2nd gen it would help.

Saleen: I would like to see pictures of those 22's once you get them on, i think it will make your Xplor really stand out

alright here it is... only thing is... its whatever serries tire a mustang comes with (thats why it looks better than the PS of my 20's)... damn wait... i just remembered i did it as 20's! oh well


Thanx alot man......Wow, i think i like the 20's......What are all of your opinions?? Do you think 20's or 18's will look better? What do you like Saleen?

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for some reason that turned out better than the PS i did of the SM krynos... but im not sure if that would be the right amount of tire on the rims... id go 21's but not many companys make 21's so im just going 22's still

but if i were you id get the 20's... i dont think they make saleen, roush, or svt rims that size (could be wrong so dont quote me) but yeah... someone has a picture of a 2 door 2000 explorer sitting on 18's... here it is