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IAmTodd's '94 POS, wait thats my Saab thats the POS

I can't seem to stay away from the Explorer world for more than a year. I just checked out a '94 XLT earlier this evening. She's in a rather rough state at the moment but I have plans for a nice winter truck for her.

1994 XLT
Condition of the motor: unknown
Trans: not really there
Transfercase: taking up space in the boot.

It has minimal rust for an 18 year old truck with 160k on the clock. Trans died and the owner decided to try to rebuild it himself. No such luck. It's currently sitting in a guys shop with the motor and two axles. All the parts are there except the trans which is junk. Body work is nice and straight. The passenger rocker has disappeared and a small amount of rust at the top of the rear arches. Interior is dirty, leather is rough but good new is it has a wind up sunroof!

I've just given my word on it. Title and transport should be negotiated on come Wednesday. For $350 I think it's good for parts at least!

First thing will be to get it rolling with a manual swap then continue to fix from there. Brake work will be needed with more maintenance I'm sure but I'm in no rush.

Glad to be back guys!


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Thanks! I was set on keeping the 17s that it came with, I love them. Then I came across those on ebay and had to have them. Plus I can a 245 tire on them :D

How's the 9-5 treating you?

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Nice! Did you originally have the GT17?

Stop that stop that, no more Saab talk! You have to disguise it as Explorer talk, :p

Ok, back to Explorer content! Engine is OUT! She put up a fight but the most important thing is it's out.

Going to do some research about what i should do while it's out. My plan is to clean, pressure test and replace the leaking gaskets as the engine made no sounds and didn't smoke while I had it running.

Bad new so far is the AC evaporator pipe was broke (had been sliding in and out when I bought it). When removing the engine it popped the whole way out so I'll be removing AC for right now. Might look for some junk yard replacements later down the line.



And a good look at the hole I have to patch...grrrrr....


Where is dee turbo?

Pick N Pull I got the trans from has an old Merc diesel with one on it......

Made hopefully my last trip to the pick n pull for trans parts. I got the block plate for the manual, clutch and brake assembly, clutch switch, and manual speedo cluster. I had a false alarm for a manual 1354. Someone already snatched up the unit but left the shift. I think I'll be stuck with my electric for a while.

I should be able to get started putting it all back together by June. I really can't wait.


Got the bugger mounted on the engine stand tonight and pulled the plugs. OH MY no wonder it didn't run all that great for the short period I had it running. I assume these were the original plugs. All 6 were very similar. Is this any indication of a problem or just neglect?


WoW previous owner or owners received a compliment when you used the word hack... Welcome Back!!

That is just plain awesome...I have never seen a plug like that.

I am wondering if that is some type of achievement.

Things have started to go back together!

Removed the resistor so I can get true oil pressure on my new cluster. Still need to get the sender though.


Also got the $%^ clutch pedal in. So glad I never have to deal with that again.


Moar updates!!!!!

Looking good though.

Only update right now is a clean engine and transmission. Cleaned a ton of crap off both. I have reason to believe the transmission has been apart at some point. Hoping that's a good sign. Time will tell on that though.


GOOD NEWS! Things are starting to go back together. I just put my big order into RockAuto. With the exception of a few minor things and fluids, this will get me rolling.

I really lucked out the other day and scored two Warn manual hubs from the pick n pull for $25. Just need to put up the conversion kit.


And I've gotten the floor patched and started to put some things back together in the interior.



First round of parts came in!


I need longer bolts for the slave cylinder. The existing one has a metal base and is thinner. I'm happy to report my fuel filter pretty much fell out of the quick connects. I normally have to fight with those things.

With that out of the way I can grind out the rivets for the radius arm cross members and get that cleaned up. After that it's time to get the anchor back in the front and get it all buttoned up. It's killing me to take my time at this point but I know getting in a rush will only make things harder in the long run.

If mine looked like yours I'd pop them back in! ;)

It is truly amazing it ran on those plugs.

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Rivets are ground off. I need to pick up a socket to remove the radius arm nuts then I'll work at getting the bracket off.


Also order the nut kit for the manual hubs. I'm hoping to have the front end fixed up by the weekend and get the motor dropped back in this weekend. I'll make my yearly visit to Ford Nationals at Carlisle with the Swedish meatball for hopefully the last time. Next year it's back to Ford!