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Installing a new Head Unit.


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August 18, 2014
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1997 Ford Explorer
So I just got my new radio in the mail today to put in my 1997 Ford Explorer XLT. I did a lot of research on how to put in new stereos in explorers. My friend and I wired everything right on the wire harness, plug everything in. The radio turns out but no sound. Then my friend said I might have a premium sound system. We looked behind the panel in the truck area and found that I do have the amplifier so I do have the premium system. We were kind of bummed out, because we didn't know what to do if there is a stock amp in the system, plus we ran out of time. My friend said the best thing to do is run new wires through the car. We are probably going to do that tomorrow. But I was wondering if there is an easier way fix this problem without running new wire, either by bypassing the amp, or if there is an adapter to plug into the wiring harness to the new radio? But as of right now, running new wire is the best way to go, because if i think about it, whenever i get rid of the explorer, all i have to do is pull the wires out and put in the old radio.

I'm assuming here but there should be a harness you can buy that will connect to the factory harness to utilize the amp. Maybe I'm thinking about it wrong but I would research a little more about the harness. Maybe call a audio install shop and ask for advise.

Yes I did mine last year, using the bypass harness.

Lol, super easy fix.

Hook up the blue wire from your head unit to the blue (or blue/white) wire of the factory harness. It's the remote turn on for the amp, it'll work just fine. I have mine wired that way.