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Installing Overhead Console - Couple of quick questions

Jim Jermain

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February 20, 2006
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Madison, WI
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00 XLS
I just purchased a 2000 Explorer XLS with 61K miles. The truck is in great shape and I'd like to add the overhead console (compass - temp system). I've read several posts on the forum and have two quick questions.

First does anyone know if the '00 XLS came with the temp sensor already installed if the truck did not come with the overhead console? I looked between the bumper and the radiator and didn't see anything that looked like the sensor.

Second I have the AM/FM/ Single CD radio. Does anyone know if this radio will have the vehicle speed sensor wire? When I install the overhead console, I'd like to tie into the VSS and the radio wiring harness appears to be a convenient spot.



i have a 98 sport that i put a overhead console into. it looked like there was a sensor there, but i added one anyways (it was only two wires to run, so no big deal). as for the VSS, i didn't bother with it, and it is still accurate.