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Intake Upgrades


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February 15, 2008
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'93 Limited 4x4
Next week i'm gonna be doing some routine maintenance on my X, i'm gonna get my mechanic to do the number 5 spark (don't we all hate that one). I've got an electrical problem, my fog lights stopped working and a few days ago they came back on while i was driving for a second, then my driver's side headlight blew, and i mean the bulb exploded. So i'm getting that problem solved, i've got to get a door fixed, But while i'm in the mood to deal with my truck i'm gonna do a intake. I have been thinking about the pvc intake, but until i get a bigger throttle body, thats really nil. So i'm gonna go get a mustang 5.0 MAF from a junkyard, and then just pick up a cone filter for the MAF. and put that on. But back to the reason i posted, i was wondering if cone filters are all the same, or if one is really a cut above the rest, such as a KKN?

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i think the kkn "intake" is not worth the money. id buy a k&n if i were you.

and which plug are you talking about i got to em all the other day.

i have the ebay version of the KKM, its sound better then stock but couldn't really tell if theirs a performance difference..... but it did some way better. and for $25 its well worth the money compared to $160ish

I'd avoid the cheap stamped steel intake adapters, they are not high quality, and might not seal that well, not to mention it's a bad idea to use steel for an intake part, which you don't want to have retaining heat. The KKM kit is good for one-stop shopping, if you just want to buy a kit and install it. If you can find a well-machined, quaility aluminum intake adapter, and then buy the K&N cone filter (Autozone, $40), that works as well.

No need for a PVC intake or larger throttle body until you get alot more performance mods. Just the addition of the cone air filter will make a huge performance difference.

so wat would be the best but cheapest way to do an intake for the truck? can i get a link to a site?

Like I just mentioned, the best&cheapest way would be to buy an aluminum intake adapter (ebay,performance parts site) and then get the K&N cone filter (auto parts store, performance parts site).

i just recieved that adapter i mentioned in a previous post, in the mail it is welded alluminum and i think pretty good for a few bucks.

id go with that and you can get cone filters pretty cheap online if you dont want to splurg on a k&n.

the kkm is a rip since you can get a k&N filter for under 70 bucks and an adapter for under 10. yet kkm charges 150$$
For instance this would probably fit in a first gen engine compartment. though i may be wrong i havend done any measurements

Well, the KKM used to be ~$80, but they probably raised their prices due to the K&N kits, not to mention inflation...

so if i get this adapter and the cone filter, is that gonna mess up the stock MAF and screw everything up?

arite cuz my buddy said that it might screw up the maf and make the truck shut off randomly cuz it's getting too much air through the intake.

no thats the point of the maf is to measure the air input and match the fuel. A new filter wont mess with it.

arite, i'll probably try it out then. thanks

I'd ask some more of the site's vets if throwing a 5.0 MAF in is a good idea or not. I've often come up w/ ideas such as that and have been warded away from doing so due to simple wrong calibration, etc.. I'd just check so u don't lose any money :thumbsup:

good luck

i have to agree with shortstack
while that intake looks slightly better than a dryer vent hose i still dont think its worth 50 bucks

and i don't think you'll be able to fit 4" of pipe in there.

id try doin the 3" pvc intake that is a sticky in this forum. though some people cant fit even that. ill doit maybe this weekend and let you know if it fits.

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to tell you the truth i don't think theres much wrong with the stock intake tube.
the real restriction is in the filter box and the filter itself, replacing the tube won't help the air flow much until you've really done Everything else cause the 4.0 doesn't pull THAT much air.

but since the PVC idea is cheap you might do that on a weekend if your board or something but for now get you an adapter and a cone filter then shoot for a BBK throttle body and go from there.

as for the 5.0 MAF i have heard the idea before but i cant remember if it worked out for anybody. try a search of the forum and see what you come up with there.